Dig deeper and find the real gold for the clients - excellent rating system!

As an open organization, postbrickfilms.com allows students to use this space to tell their stories on how their experiences with writing companies looked like. Our work is to build their confidence in good writing companies and we do that by rating writing companies against qualities that students find important. Such qualities include keeping delivery deadlines, work quality and customer service. We spend our time reading customer feedback and organizing it into reports that can inform the purchase decisions of students. We are deliberate in the way we source for reviews on writing companies and sending open review requests out to customers is one the deliberate moves that we make. We check social media sites as well and harvest any important reviews that feature there as well.

Before scammers invaded the writing space, students had a lot of confidence in essay writing companies. Today, there are thousands of scammers online purporting to provide services to unsuspecting customers. Some of these scammers are essay writing companies that prey of innocent students. They produce poor quality work and charge them for it. Due to their large numbers and advert presentation tricks, it is hard to tell which writing company is authentic and which one is not. For students who have been duped online, it discourages them and causes frustration because they depend on such services to get their assignments done.

Since we focus our energy on reading and compiling customer reviews, we encourage reviewers to focus their reviews so they can:

  1. Tell us how easy it is to fill work order forms

  2. Talk about provision of written samples by writers for customers to review

  3. Tell us to what extent writing companies abide by their policies and the rights they offer customers. Rights might include rights to call writers, rights to be given price quotes before work is done and rights to be updated on how their work is progressing

  4. Tell us whether the essay writing company gives its customers reports on levels of plagiarism

  5. Tell us the level of qualifications that writers have and whether they are professional

  6. Tell us how the company features its products and services or even guarantees quality on its policies

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Upon getting this information, we embark on the process of rating writing companies based on a set rating scale. The companies are then ranked depending on their performance with the best ones coming on top and the poor ones at the bottom. These rankings are published on this website for our visitors.

Top writing companies get a chance to have short videos about their procedures featured on this site. We also include links to their online pages here so students can reach them fast.